Chamber Team

Ruth Ross

Picture of Ruth Ross, Director of Business, Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Ruth joined Shropshire Chamber in May 2015.

Ruth’s experience of successfully running her own small business for 20 years’ has given her a deep understanding of the highs and lows of commerce and the absolute knowledge that being a part of the membership adds value, both on a personal and professional level.

As Director of Business, Ruth is responsible for keeping the Chamber compliant, relevant and informed. Driving strategy and motivating people has helped Ruth to deliver consistently to the Chamber’s aspirations, be those through developing relationships with key organisations and suppliers, creating an inspirational training delivery schedule to promoting the expertise of the Export Documentation Team.

Stepping outside her comfort zone seems to be a mantra for Ruth which is seen in her constant pushing to be challenged both professionally and personally. Physical challenges seem to be part of her make-up with recent examples being Sky Diving, Abseiling, 50 Mile Long Mynd walk and Boxing. Seems she may have some sort of death wish.

LinkedIn: Ruth Ross