Commenting on the government’s response to the Taylor Review, Claire Walker, Co-Executive Director of Policy and Campaigns at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:

“Government has rightly recognised that a flexible labour market and the gig economy is good both for business and those in the workforce who choose or need to work in less conventional ways.

“Businesses will acknowledge the sense in adopting most of the recommendations from the Taylor Review to reflect the changing nature of the workplace, but it is vital that employers have information and guidance to support them through any fundamental changes, and the time to adapt.

“Businesses know that a valued and happy workforce is more motivated and productive, and the vast majority of firms operate fair working practices. Very few employers deliberately set out to disadvantage people.

“SMEs often lack specialist HR expertise and sometimes mistakes can happen. It’s therefore important that firms have timely information and guidance on any changes and that penalties are proportionate.

“We agree that after 12 months, the worker should have the right to request a stable contract, but to prevent loss of opportunities for people, any permanent arrangement must work for both parties. SMEs would welcome non-statutory guidance and best practice.

“We look forward to working with the government to enact these changes, while making sure that businesses are not saddled with increased costs and upfront taxes as part of any reforms.”


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