Chamber Forum

In extraordinary times, the extraordinary can happen. As a Chamber, we are famous for our connectivity, bringing businesses together to achieve great things is part of the day job, with local procurement at the top of the list.

We have accelerated our plans to develop our local procurement platform, with the launch coinciding with our NHS front line needing the support of all of us. We are delighted to build on the already successful work we have done connecting business and our amazing NHS at a time of need.

Having fielded numerous NHS requests for product that the Shropshire business community has provided, we are privileged to be able to bring everyone together through our platform to support Shropshire.

From donating PPE equipment, working together to create medical equipment, hotel rooms, transport and logistics for moving goods or people, warehouse or office space for medical use or storage, or simply donating your time to volunteer, please use our new Chamber Forums.

Looking for Help or Assistance?

If you’re looking for help or assistance, first of all you should have a look through our Offers of Help forum – another member may have already offered something that you’re looking for!

If you can’t find what you need, you should post a topic requesting help in our Help Wanted forum. Be as detailed as possible so that our members can easily establish if they might be able to help you! Other members may then reply to your topic to find out more about your needs, or to offer their help!

If you don’t currently need any help, why not browse the Help Wanted forum and see if there are any requests that you might be able to help fulfil?

Able to Offer Help?

If you have a product, service or something else that you think might be of use to our members, post a topic in the Offers of Help forum to tell people about it!

Other members will be able to reply to your topic to find out more information or to arrange contacting you.

If you’re offering to volunteer somewhere, we’ve created a separate Volunteer Offers forum just for you – post a topic that details the help that you’re able to give.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you’ve never used a web forum before, you may not be quite sure what you should be doing. Feel free to contact us for help and guidance.