Being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader During Covid 19 E-Clinic

03 Nov
  3rd November 2020
  12:00pm to 1:00pm

The current pandemic has taught us that leadership matters now more than ever, whilst leaders try to diversify their businesses, encourage resilience and think under pressure, it has been the “ultimate test of management and leadership”.

The pandemic may have encouraged us to improve our intellectual ability in areas such as managing teams remotely and utilising digital technologies more effectively, but what about our emotional ability?

This is known as Emotional Intelligence. The most successful leaders are those that spend their time developing their emotional intelligence and understanding how their behaviour impacts others.

In a time of crisis, Emotional Intelligence is key. Our ability to be aware of our own behaviours, the impact we have on others and to self – regulate our emotions during times of stress will be what differentiates us from others. We also need to develop our ability to be genuinely empathetic towards others emotions so that we can best support our teams and colleagues in the post-pandemic world.

This session will help leaders to:

Describe the key components of Emotional Intelligence.
Analyse how emotional intelligence, impacts you and the people around you.
Reflect on leadership strengths and areas for development to increase self awareness.
Use techniques to self regulate own emotions in the workplace.
Enhance social skills to communicate and manage relationships more effectively.

Online E-Clinic presented by Emma Bloomfield, Head of Executive Education at the University of Wolverhampton Business School.