Brew Monday (Delivered by Shropshire Chamber)

18 Jan
  18th January 2021
  10:00am to 10:30am
  Virtual World

If you need perking up, join us for an informal coffee and catch up on Zoom, its free to attend.

It’s more important than ever that we stay connected, even if we have to keep a physical distance.

Samaritans Brew Monday kicks off on 18 January, the third Monday in January, which is usually known as ‘Blue Monday’. We’ll be turning this day on its head and into something positive by encouraging our members to get together over a warming virtual cuppa. 

Reach out to a colleague for a virtual cuppa and a chat, just taking time to really listen to another person could help them work through what’s on their mind.

Because now more than ever, sharing a cuppa is more than a drink – it’s about reaching out, checking in and staying connected