Corporate Membership – Leadership – Developing your leadership style and influence – Part 1

10 Feb
  10th February 2021
  10:00am to 1:00pm
  Virtual World

With your awareness raised from the first masterclass, we move on to look at the business benefits and impact of developing your leadership ‘style-flex’.

Engagement of your team will lead to increased performance and we will explore the tools and models that support this distributed leadership approach.

Course summary

  • Fixed versus growth mindsets
  • Tapping into your emotional intelligence
  • Balancing inquiry vs advocacy in leadership
  • ‘Situational’ leadership to get the best from individuals
  • Operational coaching tips to increase team engagement

Learning outcomes for participants

  • Understand the benefits of a growth mindset for them and their team
  • Increase their awareness of emotional intelligence and how it facilitates performance
  • Understand how to develop and use listening, questioning and coaching skills to increase their team’s engagement, accountability and delivery