Corporate Membership – Leadership – Forming strategic relationships as a leader

09 Feb
  9th February 2022
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

How much time do we make as leaders for talking to and learning from others? How purposeful are we about the relationships we nurture, and the networks we build, to support our own development and our business’ needs?

In this masterclass we assess the personal and performance related benefits of our networks and strategic stakeholders. We explore a variety of ways to increase our connections to valuable groups and individuals to accelerate growth.

Course summary

  • Networks – why we need them, and why they deliver
  • Assess the number and strength of your networks and how to improve them
  • Identify and manage your clients, key stakeholders, advocates and time bombs
  • The benefits of peer coaching and how to build a peer coaching group
  • Getting impact and value from mentoring and being mentored

Learning outcomes

  • Build their networking strategy to support their business goals
  • Develop their skills to manage their strategic stakeholders
  • Understand how to increase their learning opportunities though peer networks
  • Develop a mentor support strategy to support their personal goals