Corporate Membership – Leadership – Leading through change and uncertainty

14 Jun
  14th June 2022
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Chamber House

Change is constant and can be disconcerting for individuals and teams, distracting them from achieving their personal or business goals.

This masterclass will look at the impact of change; give a framework to understand the internal process and experience of being in transition and will explore ways to strengthen your approach in leading your team or organisation through change.

Course summary

  • The 5 stages of the change cycle
  • External and internal pressures for change, and the factors shaping these pressures
  • How to manage change and develop organisational change capability
  • The human aspects of change and the significance of relationships, attitudes, values and culture in determining reactions to change
  • The 8 steps for leading through change

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the change cycle and how it impacts individuals and their teams
  • Develop their skills to support their team in managing change
  • Understand the 8 steps for leading change and how they can use them in their business