Corporate Membership – Sales – Break the rules and win more business

12 Jul
  12th July 2022
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Chamber House

Transform your Sales Leadership and build a high-performance sales culture

  • Are you frustrated that your sales or bus dev people are creating new sales opportunities but not enough of them result in securing good new business?
  • Are they in the quote and hope business and consequently giving away your solutions with little commitment from prospective customers and then chasing them with too many of these opportunities just dying on the vine?

It could be that the sales process they are following is not really a best of bread model.

Come to this workshop to learn some brand new strategies and tactics to win more business by breaking the rules whilst maintaining dignity, integrity and authenticity.

This masterclass is presented by Mark Wormald, from Mortimer Press Ltd, trading as Sandler Training