Corporate Membership – Sales – From scarcity to abundance

12 Jan
  12th January 2021
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Transform your Sales Leadership and build a high-performance sales culture

Are you concerned that not enough new opportunities are coming into the sales pipeline and that your sales or business development team are not getting enough quality meetings with the kind of businesses you want to do business with?

Or, are they securing the meetings but simply not talking to prospects at executive level but rather meeting individuals at operations level?

Come to this workshop to learn how to build and manage a prospecting machine and how to hold your team accountable to drive more new business into the pipeline. You will take away some brand new strategies and tactics for prospecting and transform new business performance.

This masterclass is presented by Mark Wormald, from Mortimer Press Ltd, trading as Sandler Training