Corporate Membership – Sales – Understanding people – The psychology of selling

17 Mar
  17th March 2022
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Transform your Sales Leadership and build a high-performance sales culture

  • Do you sometimes have the impression that the performance of your sales or bus dev department is more about the culture and attitude than a function of their skills?
  • Are you worried that there may be an outlook of limitation and those self fulfilling beliefs may be putting a break on growth?

Come to this workshop to improve your understanding of the psychology of sales and why sales and bus dev people are anxious about calling at the top and unable to behave like true winners.

You will be introduced to some key psychological principles that will help you coach and mentor your sales team to the next level of performance.

This masterclass is presented by Mark Wormald, from Mortimer Press Ltd, trading as Sandler Training