Digital PR and Social Media – How to do it

02 Feb
  2nd February 2022
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

The training day will cover all aspects of PR both traditional and print as well as social media and the effectiveness of both. Learn how to promote your business through networking, events, traditional PR, digital PR and social media.

This course will consider:

  • To learn what public relations is and why it is a must for any business.
  • To learn how to build relationships with the media.
  • To ensure you are writing press releases and content in the correct style and tone for your target audience.
  • To ensure you are making the best opportunities from news within your business and creating the news for your audience.
  • To ensure you are using the right social platforms for your business.
  • To ensure you know how to use them effectively and also why you are using them.

This course will outline:

  • Key messages – what are they?
  • Target audience – who is it?
  • Networking – how to do it and where?
  • Events – how to host them and why?
  • PR – what is public relations?
  • Photography and video – why and how?
  • The website – how should it be used?
  • Case studies – who and why?
  • Let’s get social – which social media platforms are right for you, why and how?
  • How do I write a press release?
  • What is a PR plan?
  • What is a blog plan?
  • What is a social media schedule?
  • Group brainstorming.
  • Social media platforms.
  • Your homework!

This course is delivered by Kirsty Smallman from J&PR – if you wish to find out more please CLICK HERE