Discovering how to build our resilience as we deal with Covid-19

28 May
  28th May 2020
  2:00pm to 3:00pm
  Virtual World

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In difficult times like these anxiety is a normal response to the challenges and perceived threats that we face. Anxiety stimulates us to respond appropriately, but sometimes it can grow and we can feel frozen or disabled by it. Resilience is using our experience, learning and human resources in a way that works for us and enables us to be effective. We do not need special skills to do this. We need to enhance the skills we have but in a structured manner. We will introduce you to a simple structure that, once learnt, can be a useful and powerful resource in the problems that life and work brings.

We are one whole person made up of Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Social and Spiritual (Creative) elements. Our whole person reacts, responds and adapts to the environment in which we find ourselves. For example, our brain is not a finished, fixed entity but is remarkable for its plasticity – it ability to respond to the context it finds itself in. Therefore it is adaptable. Our simple structure capitalises on that adaptability. It works with our memory to embed this process and have it ready for all that we encounter.

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This webinar is hosted by Wendy Brooks & Bill Stanley from Merulae