Do you know how or why you should be blogging for business?

01 Feb
  1st February 2022
  1:30pm to 4:30pm
  Chamber House

Do I need a blog and case studies on my website? What should I be writing about? I don’t know where to start?
Why blogging is important.
The range of topics to include in your blog for your business.
How to create a blog plan template.
How to brainstorm ideas for your bespoke plan.
To write your first blog with the experts.

PR will teach you why you should be blogging for your business, how to do it and give you the top tips on creating a blog plan and writing the content. The course will include the perfect case study and the reasons why you should have up to date impact studies on your website.

We read thousands of blogs every week but many business owners still have not created their own blog and do not create case studies for their website. Scared? Don’t have the time? Don’t think you’ve got anything interesting to say? You are the expert in your industry and people need to know it. Your customers are the people who no doubt shout about how fabulous you are so make sure you have their case study on your website and tell others what difference you have made to their business.

The course is delivered by Kirsty at J&PR Ltd.  For more information about Kirsty please click here