EU Exit Programme | Data Protection, HR, Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Nationals

25 Nov
  25th November 2020
  9:00am to 10:30am
  Virtual World

Hear from expert consultants who are able to give you the latest information available in support of you trading beyond Brexit and the changing landscape.


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A new programme has been launched to help businesses in Shropshire prepare for change, following the UK’s exit from the EU.

Our withdrawal will bring about significant change to different sectors and our suite of events will show you how to effectively manage these changes creating business resilience.

The EU Exit Programme of events are being managed by Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Marches Growth Hub Shropshire. It is a collaborative effort to support the Shropshire business community as they face wide-ranging changes in the business environment.

The programme will provide timely information across areas including recruitment and employment, trading relationships and regulation and is being provided FREE of charge to businesses in the Shropshire area.

It will also offer advice and support aimed to boost the resilience of businesses, encouraging companies to think about how to manage the risks and pursue the opportunities they encounter.

This session will cover:

Brexit the implications for data protection  – Paul Bennett, Bennett Briegal

Brexit on the 31st December 2020 will have wide ranging implications for businesses both in the UK and those that trade through import and export. This practical planning session will focus on the data protection implications for of Brexit for businesses. 

It will cover:

• 8 Practical things to do to be ready for Brexit from a data protection perspective
• How will Brexit change the data protection issues facing businesses?
• What you’re your risks of disruption?
• What will you be able to continue to do? 
• Many businesses will require a supervisory authority based overseas in addition to the ICO registration. Are you one of them?

Many small businesses will continue to trade with overseas partners but the data protection implications will be different after Brexit. Are you planning for this? Are you ready?  This session to support your business will be followed by a Q&A. 
About the speaker: Paul Bennett is a solicitor and partner at Shropshire based virtual law firm Bennett Briegal LLP and has been advising on data protection issues for many years.  Paul is known for his practical and straightforward guidance and is the Chair of the Shropshire Business Board and a member of the Law Society of England and Wales governing Council. 

Recruitment of foreign nationals – Jess Bailey, Team 4U

• UK work immigration routes from 2021
• The Points Based Sponsorship System
• What do employers and labour providers need to do?
• The impact of the new immigration system from an employer perspective with time at the end for a question and answer session.

Human Resources – Niamh Kelly,The HR Dept

• What the minimum that needs to be place from day 1 for a new hire ?
• What should employers do if ‘right to remain’ is in question or removed?
• Question and answer session.

The Marches Growth Hub Shropshire in partnership with Shropshire Chamber have organised a suite of events that will provide the latest information, advice and guidance supporting:
• Recruitment • Finance and funding • Employment and management of domestic and foreign nationals • Intellectual property • International Trade services including language, culture and documentation • European agency and consumer law • VAT and Data Protection

Zoom Security:

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Be aware of anything gives away where you live.
Be aware of having confidential documents on display within the camera shot.
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