Fire Marshal & Fire Awareness for Shropshire Business

29 Mar
  29th March 2019
  9:30am to 12:30pm
  Nick Jones Wealth Planning

A 6 hour course giving the information necessary to fulfil the role of a Fire Marshal / Fire Warden. To ensure students leave here with the knowledge skills and confidence to act in the role of Fire Marshal within their workplace.

Course covers the following:

  • Causes of Fire in the Workplace
  • Classes of Fire. Types of Fire Extinguisher
  • Practical use of Extinguishers
  • Actions in The event of a Fire
  • The Role of the Fire Marshall

On successful completion of the course students will receive an Fire Marshall certificate and will have built up some significant knowledge in the causes of Fires and how to prevent them as well as the role of a Fire marshal both proactively and reactively.