Future Proofing your Business

17 May
  17th May 2019
  9:30am to 11:30am
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

This is the first of three seminars encompassing people leadership and management issues with the relevant legal frameworks that underpin all HR processes.
This course is relevant for CEO’s, Directors, Senior Leaders, HR and anyone wishing to enhance their leadership and management skills.
This course will show you the skills future managers need in order to attract and retain talent, as well as demonstrating a balance between strong leadership, people skills and a robust legal framework.

These could cost money, people and damage ongoing internal and external engagement. Relevant for CEOs, Directors, Senior Leaders, HR and anyone wishing to enhance their leadership and management skills supported by a legal context.

Key Objectives:

  • To share future trends shaping people management and strategy for SMEs to national/ multinational businesses.
  • Highlighting best practice that will ensure your company is best positioned now and in the future, and able to attract and protect against the loss of the right future talent.
  • Highlighting the legal planning and processes that need to be in place that underpin the people management angle of your work.

Course Outline:
The seminar will 

  • highlight different trends, attitudes and observations between the different generations and approaches to managing these effectively
  • touch on modern disruptors and the impact this will have on the skill sets employees will need to demonstrate
  • focus at the end on what you can do now to start to manage these changes
  • highlight ways in which you can legally and robustly protect your business in respect of contractual documentation and policies

The HR people management angle will be complemented by the different legal elements that need to be considered and touch briefly on the consequences of failure to do so.

Key Benefits:

  • Understanding what skills future leaders and managers need in order to attract and retain talent and be an employer of choice.
  • A chance to reflect on what you already have in place and what is lacking in order to protect your future business
  • Demonstrate how a balance between strong leadership and people skills and a robust legal framework combine to create a successful business now and in the future

Trainer Information:

Harriet Brooke, Director of Brooke Solutions Ltd, 
Leadership and Executive Coaching Consultancy

Ben Mason
Employment Law Solicitor, Associate
Aaron & Partners
Twitter: @BenEmpLawyer