Launch of the Food and Drink Cluster for the Marches LEP

02 Dec
  2nd December 2020
  9:00am to 10:30am
  Virtual World

A unique and exciting opportunity exclusive to food and drink companies in Shropshire and Herefordshire is coming your way! This is a brilliant chance for businesses in the sector to come together to learn from industry specialist as we launch the Marches Food and Drink Cluster campaign in conjunction with the Department for International Trade…

This event is the first of four aiming to bring together SME’s and large food and drink companies in Shropshire and Herefordshire. 
The objective of these sessions is to work alongside each other and to share ideas and support to boost your international presence and overseas sales.

What to expect?

You will meet the new Food & Drink Cluster Adviser David Caine who has over 15 yearsexperience working in the sector helping businesses grow internationally

Also joining us are two experienced speakers who will be addressing the issues and answeringquestions you may have surrounding Tariffs and Labelling requirements for the Food & Drinksector post Transition

Ashbury Labelling – Ashbury Labelling can help you navigate the complex world of product information compliance and work collaboratively with you to discover practical solutions that are
tailored to your needs

Strong and Herd – Strong and Herd pride themselves on being a “one-stop-shop” for any international trade question or export training, export support, import training and customs
compliance requirement. Their training courses are now recognised by many UK companies as a reliable provider for their import and export staff.

We will also host a question and answer session where you can submit your queries during the registration process along with making you aware of the other exciting events we have planned as
part of the Cluster activity programme exclusive to companies in the Marches area.

The food and drink sector is a priority within the region with over 30,000 employees. 

Join this event as we work together to support businesses across the Marches.

Eligibility: ERDF support is subject to eligibility criteria – SMEs wanting to access this support mustconfirm their eligibility by completing an SME Declaration Form. 
This form will be sent upon registering your interest.

For more information: E: 0345 222 0159