Network of Women Online

12 Aug
  12th August 2020
  11:00am to 12:15pm
  Virtual World

Open to members and non members

Join us for our August virtual ‘Network of Women’.
Normally this group would meet quarterly at unique locations throughout the county for women involved in any form of business to share thoughts and ideas on all aspects of business life, instead we invite you to join us online.

Heather Noble from Salt Solutions will chair this meeting with guest speaker Stephanie Henson of techtimeout


It’s with little surprise that only drug dealers and technology companies refer to their respective customers as ‘users’.


When did you last leave the house without your phone? When did you last spend an evening not having a peak at your emails? When did you last consciously take some time away from tech? Maybe, just maybe…. it’s time for a techtimeout?

Technology is brilliant, it’s fantastic. It has pushed us forward in so many ways, However… There’s an elephant in the room we really should be talking about… We’re addicted. Technology Director of Six Ticks Stephanie Henson will be discussing the impact of this technological influence. She will be highlighting the importance of having some techtimeout, and providing some insights into why unconscious scrolling, and mindless connectivity is so bad for us, and our workplaces. Reducing absenteeism has been a hot topic for years, but what about reducing wasted time, and improving productivity?

Join us to find out more.

There will also be an opportunity for you to share your business news and updates to others attending.

Book your place via our website, you will then receive a Zoom link which will enable you to join in.

Pour youself a cup of tea or coffee, get comfortable and join us..