Professionals Partnership (Delivered by Shropshire Chamber)

27 Nov
  27th November 2020
  11:00am to 12:00pm
  Virtual World

Welcome to Professionals Partnership delivered to you virtually. A network group for professional and business services companies.

The purpose of this virtual group is to share knowledge and to encourage collaboration for the economic benefit of all businesses who join in.

The benefits of joining in this webinar include:

Access to a large professional services network
Hear from top speakers on current, relevant topics
Meet fellow business professionals, virtually
Knowledge sharing, best practice and continuing professional development
Usually there are no 60-second presentations at this particular event, however we invite you all to share your business news and seek help and support from others

Guest Speaker: Stephanie Henson – techtimeout

Multiple studies have warned that mental health & wellbeing are areas of rising concern with rates of depression and anxiety increasing during the pandemic. Worries about health, families, jobs, finances, and the pressures of lockdown are all taking their toll.  As we head into winter with its weather challenges and shorter days, we know many business are concerned about team members feeling tired and worn out.  One of the challenges of working from home can be the difficulty in separating work and home, and as a result many of us are spending longer using technology than ever before. Yet research has proved that too much technology negatively impacts mental health, wellbeing, productivity and focus.
We’re delighted to be joined on this call by Stephanie Henson, founder of techtimeout.  She will join our discussion to share her insights into these issues and help us explore how we can support our teams to have better working practices and a healthier relationship with technology as part of our overall employee engagement and support activities.

Event organisation and administration c/o Teresa Rowe, Shropshire Chamber of Commerce 01952 208218

Please note, you do not need to be a member of Shropshire Chamber to attend this event.

Zoom Security:

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Be aware of anything gives away where you live.
Be aware of having confidential documents on display within the camera shot.
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