Safer Drinking Awareness – Virtual

16 Dec
  16th December 2021
  10:00am to 11:00am
  Virtual World

Open to Members and Non Menbers

This session will be delivered by Richard Lilleyman from Aquarius Life. Aquarius Life is a specialist workplace service delivered by Midlands based charity, Aquarius, which supports people affected by alcohol, drugs and gambling. The mission of Aquarius Life is to work with employers to offer tailored programmes that help prevent and overcome the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling through the delivery of cost-effective specialist workplace services.
Aquarius Life provide;
• Policy support and consultancy
• Training, workshops, webinars and awareness days
• Support sessions
Through delivery of these services Aquarius Life;
• Raise awareness of the dangers related to alcohol, drug and gambling issues in the workplace.
• Encourage and enable employers to recognise the challenges behind the issues and take positive, practical steps to support valued employees and team members.
• Reduce the stigma attached to these issues and encourage / enable people to come forward for support.
• Provide education to help prevent issues from arising.
• Use 1:1 support to help people understand their behaviours and find alternative ways to cope.
• Prevent financial loss to employers by addressing issues.
• Reinvest any surplus income from the service into in our charitable community services
• Support your organisation in achieving its corporate social responsibility commitments.

This introductory session will explore ways you can support a loved one or colleague experiencing mental health symptoms.  The session will cover:
* Signs and symptoms of mental ill health
* How to provide comfort to someone experiencing a mental health issue
* Where to access appropriate support