Shrewsbury Network Club (Delivered by Shropshire Chamber)

21 Apr
  21st April 2021
  8:00am to 9:30am
  Virtual World

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Booking Terms and Conditions – Cancellation Fees

We are committed to ensuring we present opportunities for our members to engage with the Chamber and the wider membership. Many levels of membership provide access to Training and Events as part of the fee for a full 12 months membership.

For members who use the included allocations but subsequently fail to pay their full 12 month membership fee, are hereby notified that we reserve the right to invoice at a non-member rate for the training and events used.

In the event that you cancel your booking/order, cancellation fees will be charged as detailed below. We will endeavour to resell your booking and, if successful, any payments received for such booking sold will be taken into account, based on the applied percentage, when calculating your cancellation fee.

All cancellations and amendments must be confirmed to us in writing; you will receive a written acknowledgement. On receipt of your confirmation to us, the notice period becomes effective and your booking will be released for re-sale.

Fees for cancellations/changes are calculated as below and are based on the total value of the booking:

  1. Events – from the date of the event
    • More than 14 days – 100% refund
    • 7-14 days – 80% refund,
    • less than 7 days – 0% refund
  2. Training Courses – from the date of the event
    • More than 21 days – 100% refund
    • 14-21 days – 80% refund,
    • less than 14 days – 0% refund
  3. Membership
    • No refunds