Shropshire Manufacturing Partnership

01 Mar
  1st March 2019
  8:30am to 11:00am

Shropshire Chamber recognises the various business sectors within its membership and as such based on feedback we have created a group dedicated to the Manufacturing sector.

Shropshire Manufacturing Partnership we believe has the following main aims

To communicate Shropshire’s manufacturing strengths and capability
To establish a single voice and articulate the needs of manufacturing businesses to key stakeholders and influencers
To encourage collaboration and best practice to capitalise on business opportunities
To develop transnational funding, innovation and knowledge transfer to support the growth of manufacturing
Provide an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded companies
Share business experiences for the mutual benefit of the manufacturing sector, helping on a practical, personal and local level.
A group firmly dedicated for manufacturers and not service providers.
Events to be held at members venues around the County with the opportunity to have a tour of manufacturing facilities as part of the event.
Each meeting to take place on a quarterly basis at various Manufacturing venues in Shropshire with a factory tour included.