The ABCD of Sales, or why selling is easy, but people are complicated

06 Oct
  6th October 2020
  12:00pm to 1:00pm

Patron member, The University of Wolverhampton Business School is proud to host an E-Clinic by Mike Lever, Recovery 4 Life.

About this Event

My firm belief is that selling is easy, people are complex. This isn’t some clickbait, or the naïve words of one who has never carried responsibility for nine- and 10-figure annual targets. This is the conclusion I’ve reached based on 25+ years in sales, sales leadership, and sales development. But I know that not everyone agrees, which is why I created the ABCD model of behaviour.

Just what we need…another sales model

If you’re in sales, you already know that there’s no shortage of sales models and methodologies available, which means that you’ll probably find at least one that feels like a good fit. And over time, it’s common for a seller to be trained in more than one, resulting in blended styles and the ability to apply what is most appropriate at any given time. The other thing that happens over time, is that the typical seller’s behaviour changes in line with normal adult human behaviour, and this is where the complexity comes in.

Have you ever noticed how, even in the short-term, your own behaviour is affected by your levels of sleep, hydration, or exercise? It should come as no surprise given the complexity of the human brain. Equally, how is your behaviour as a seller affected when you are selling a product or service that you see limited value in?

In a past role in banking, I noticed how colleagues were shaping their questions to sell specific aspects of a comprehensive general insurance product. While the cover afforded by the policy was extensive, the advisors I observed asked questions that were biased to three or four aspects of the cover. They were unaware that this was happening, and through coaching, the range and shape of their questions changed, resulting in better, personalised recommendations and higher sales rates.

Through this webinar I’ll be sharing my ABCD model with you, with a focus on how to use it to immediately increase your sales performance.


The University of Wolverhampton Business School is delighted to welcome Mike Lever, Commercial Director at Recovery 4 Life.

Mike has held the position of Commercial Director, Non-Executive Director and Founding Director. He has 25+ years’ experience of leading and developing national and international sales teams (including FTSE100, FTSE250, SAP400 and CAC40).

Mike is a national and international speaker on the Psychology of Seller Behaviour, and winner of the coveted Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year award. As a mentor and coach, Mike’s clients include Group Chair, ex-British Olympians, and Universities’ business growth programmes.

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