Time Management, Decision Making and Prioritisation

06 Jul
  6th July 2021
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

For those already who are consistently missing deadlines, feel swamped with their workload or who struggle to master the art of delegation.
This course can also benefit new managers who struggle to incorporate both strategic and operational tasks into their working week.

What is it about?

This course develops and enhances the ability to manage time, track productivity and deliver quality work on time without the need for stress and anxiety.


On a wider scale this training helps to build and develop confidence and productivity skills across the workforce.


What is time management?

Why do we want/need to manage time?

What are the benefits of good time management?

Identify what good time management looks like

How long is a good to do list?



Understanding Your Relationship with Time

What our uses of time reveals about us

Examine our existing time management strategies

How to recognise time wasting activities and people

Time management tools that really work



What will I get out of it?

Improved ability to plan and prioritise work and identify best use of time

Understand the importance of setting clear goals and why they are useful

Learn to minimize wasted time and overcome distractions in the workplace

Using self-motivation and self-regulation as a time management tool

Tools and techniques for effective delegation

Learn how to say no without causing offence


This course will be delivered by Heather Noble from Salt Solutions.  To find more about Heather click here