Understanding and dealing with the Media – breaking down the mystery

22 Mar
  22nd March 2019
  9:00am to 11:00am
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Mention the media and it brings many out in a cold sweat – either that or a rant about bias reporting and too much coverage of Brexit. However, dealing with the media effectively in all its forms, in these days of 24 hr coverage, is critical for a business, not only to promote the ‘good stuff’ but also react appropriately in a crisis. This session is a taster insight into what drives the media agenda, also an introduction of how to act as an effective and creditable spokesperson.

The key objectives of this workshop are to:
Network with others eager to learn about how to succeed in media relations and learn from each of our experiences.
Understand a journalist and what drives the new agenda.
Develop an understanding of the different types of media.
Give an overall understanding into crafting an effective story for your organization and how to act creditable spokesperson.

This workshop gives a taster into understanding the media, the news agenda and becoming an effective spokesperson. It has 2 sections:
Introduction to the media – who/what is/are the media – what makes a story.
The skills of a spokesperson – crafting effective simple and understandable messages and an introduction to the skills of an effective spokesperson.
The workshop will involve instructor presentation, group discussion, video of media interviews – the good the bad the ugly.

The key benefits of this course are:
Gives you an understanding of the 24 hr media agenda – dispelling some myths.
Helps you consider the key components of becoming an effective media spokesperson.
Helps you understand how you can get your message and your story out front and centre to the benefit of your business.