Website User Experience – Creating the best experience possible for your customers online & offline

16 Apr
  16th April 2021
  11:00am to 12:00pm
  Virtual World

This webinar will focus on website user experience, but will also touch on offline user experience too.

• We’ll cover the whole customer journey, from a customer landing on your website through to receiving a purchase or service, and even returns. We’ll include some useful hints and tips you can implement immediately to increase user satisfaction, as well as some longer term ideas you can think about for your website and customer service strategies.

• Who should attend? Anyone involved in marketing, website/ecommerce managers, customer services teams.

• Why you should attend? Gain an insight into how to improve user experience on your website, creating happier customers that will want to do business with you again.

• What you can gain by attending ? Immediate ‘quick wins’ that you can implement today to improve customer experience, as well as some bigger picture ideas you can take away.

Delivered by James Gough – Creative Director