Winning your Customer’s Hearts and Minds

21 Nov
  21st November 2019
  9:30am to 4:30pm
  Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

The key elements of exceptional and consistent customer service and how to manage expectation.
For those already working in a Customer facing role who would benefit from additional support to improve efficiency, consistency and the handling of difficult customers.
This course can also benefit those new to the field who need a solid and detailed understanding of customer service and the core competencies required to deliver on and exceed expectation.

This course develops and enhances customer-focused behaviours and equips individuals with skills and competencies based on best practice. Individuals and teams are motivated to understand and exceed customer expectations with increased confidence and job satisfaction, whilst on a wider scale this training helps to build and develop a consistent customer service culture across the organisation.

Understanding the Role of a Customer Service Professional 

·         Your perspective, The Client Perspective, The Business Perspective

·         Know your Customer

·         Common issues and how to handle them quickly and efficiently

·         Working within your remit and managing expectation

·         Escalation and knowing when to ask for help

Communication Techniques and Best Practice

·         Effective Communication – Styles and Techniques

·         Active listening techniques

·         Being the solution not the problem

Maintaining Consistency and Professionalism

·         Troubleshooting – What happens when it all goes wrong?

·         Handling difficult people and overcoming conflict

Following up in writing and knowing which language to use

Delivering bad news