Stainless steel heat transfer product manufacturer Fabdec has furthered its commitment to sustainability with the installation of 908 photovoltaic solar panels.

Since installation the system has delivered energy savings and at full capacity allows Fabdec to stop drawing power from the National Grid. Covering the total energy requirements of the Ellesmere-based organisation’s 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

This development marks another step in Fabdec’s ongoing commitment to sustainability following the installation of its UK-first pillowplate laser welder in April. An innovative system that significantly reduces the consumables required and the waste generated during the manufacturing process.

In 2018 the company also invested in LED lighting across its facilities, reducing CO² emissions by 120 tonnes per year, and saving 74 per cent on energy costs.
Chris Powell, managing director at Fabdec, said: “Lowering the environmental impact of our business is a key part of our plans for the future.

“We believe that the decarbonisation of the HVAC sector must begin at the manufacturing stage, and this installation marks another step in our commitment to this.

“Our products play a significant role in making the water heating, dairy and brewery sectors more sustainable. By lowering our reliance on fossil fuels and minimising waste, we can ensure that we build sustainability in from the outset of the manufacturing process.

“We’ve found that embracing innovative new technology has been key to our strong environmental track record and has led to other benefits across the organisation including increased efficiency and staff wellbeing.

“We are looking forward to investing further in sustainable technology and continuing to minimise the impact that our business has on the environment”.


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