Customs Compliance Audit with International Trade Training Courses

This training will provide a detailed customs compliance audit to existing exporters/importers using a highly skilled specialist consultancy, along with a package of four International Trade Training Courses designed to deliver clarity on the information and process to create compliant documentation.

Why is this needed

With the import/export landscape still very confused, many businesses are unsure if they or their suppliers are operating in a fully compliant way, that would meet HMRC expected standards. Many businesses have reduced export activity as uncertainty takes hold which is impacting on economic growth and sustainability. The project will provide a specialist complete audit of current activity, identify non-compliance and provide recommended solutions to avoid time-consuming and costly penalties, whilst upskilling the workforce as and if needed, through having a package of four International Trade training courses that is undertaken by the relevant personnel.

How this project will be delivered

The normal audit will involve at least 1 director, finance and your import/export admin teams and anyone you feel would be able to contribute or had a vested interest to be involved.  We will be asking questions and essentially it would be ‘Take us through a typical EU Import, export and the same for non-EU activity’.

By doing it in this way, we get a good insight into the company activities and enables us to:

We will need to see physical evidence of your EU and non-EU documents and will ask for about 3 document sets for each import / export. We will write and present the reports within a couple of days which will include a compliance risk assessment on your current practices which mirror the HMRC risk register, a corrective report and gap analysis which will also include suggestion for additional systems to be considered. The audit is traditionally a face-to-face meeting but are now online whereby we will invite anyone you feel should be involved to a zoom meeting. This will include personnel from subsidiary companies in the UK or overseas if applicable.

Virtual training course packages – your business will be able to book an appropriate member of your team on the relevant courses for their role;

• The Export Process – 1 day course – The UK enters a new trading era with Europe and the rest of the world from 1st January 2021 – which will impact on process and cost. Is your business fully prepared?

• The Import Process – 1 day course – Are you currently buying goods/components from overseas markets? With a new border operating model and phased import procedures to July 2021 you need to understand how these will impact on your purchases from Europe and in the wider international context

• Commodity Codes – half day – What are Commodity Codes and why are they so important in international trade?

• Customs Procedures and Compliance – 1 day course – Many companies are involved in both the import and export of components and finished products and therefore subject to the scrutiny of HMRC and adherence to customs regulations.

Places for this training will be on a first come first served basis as spaces are limited.

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