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Kate Cunningham | SPEL Products | August 2021

“Having used the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce for several years, I have found their support invaluable.

They are always willing to explain the joys of exporting and guide you right through the process, regardless of how many times you need to tweak the documents!

Without this patience and support, I would find the whole thing much more stressful.”

Skyjack UK Ltd | Zsanett Matolcsi | 11 June 2021

“Our company is an active exporter and we joined the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce many years ago to provide us with various export documentation, such as Certificates of Origin and A.TR. Whenever any issue arises, the advisors at the Chamber are more than happy to help. Our business continued to operate during lock-down at COVID effected levels and we were very pleasantly surprised that he Chamber’s services also stayed reliable and professional all through the difficult times we faced. Over the last few years, we have attended more than one training session organised or held by the Chamber, and they were all very informative, easy to understand and presented in a friendly, supportive environment. I can only recommend their services to anyone, especially in these challenging post-Brexit times, when you need to rely so much on professional advice regarding your export proceedings.”

Serchem Ltd | Amanda Davidson | 1 June 2021

“Serchem Limited are fortunate to have the continued support of the Export Documentation Department at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce. They are always at the end of the phone or email to answer any questions, or assist with any issues we might encounter from our international customers. When completing required certificates, the turnaround time form application to receiving the certificate is excellent. When the Covid 19 pandemic initially sent the country into lockdown, we were concerned with how this may affect our applications, but the team have continued as before, with no extended delays in the production of certificates and posting them to us.”

Border Holdings (UK) Ltd | Mansour Alhoubani | 7 May 2021

“Those companies dealing with export will understand how frustrating the export documentation can be specially after Brexit, we at Border Holdings have been so lucky to have the support of the documentation department at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce. They have been exceptionally efficient and professional in resolving all the teething problem that accompanied the Brexit process and before that.”