Export Documentation

Adjustments to export documentation service due to COVID-19

Whilst the coronavirus is still around us, we will be continuing to provide all of our export documentation services (subject to external factors)

Following government guidance, we closed our office week commencing March 23

However, we are still delivering a virtual solution to our clients for the majority of our export services, and we will endeavor to keep the certification and fulfillment of documentation in place.

Moving forward there are likely to be external factors such as embassy closures that may prevent us from doing our jobs, and whilst our teams are working from home inevitably it will take longer for documents to be processed, owing to logistical challenges.

We now have a process in place for manually requested certification documents but these will take considerably longer to process compared to using the e-z Cert platform. We strongly advise to use the digital solutions where possible. As the situation continues to unfold there may come a point where we are unable to fulfil manual documents.

Documents that require a wet signature by both ourselves and the client may well take over a week to process. We fully recognise that this is not our usual same day turn round, but the only alternative would be the withdrawal of the service altogether.

Please bear with us and in the meantime please be safe

Moving to an electronic documents only service will affect the following types of documentation:

  • EC Certificates of Origin – For exporters who do not currently apply for EC Certificates of Origins online you can register for an e-z Cert account today and then apply for eXpress documents, which are certified (stamped) electronically and then printed in your own office / home onto the blank certificate stationery. To ensure the least amount of disruption to your business, after registering on e-z Cert you will need to email us to request a supply of blank A.TR, EC Certificates of Origin and / or EUR1 forms. Please note that the eXpress application option will not work for EUR1s (depending on the country – see further information below).
  • Arab British Certificates of Origin – Unless you already process your Arab documents using the eXpress option on e-z Cert, and you know that these documents will be accepted by the customs authority overseas, we will be unable to offer a certification or legalisation service for Arab countries.
  • EUR1 – There are a number of countries who will not accept electronically signed EUR1 documents: Egypt, Iceland, Israel, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland. Therefore, we will only be able to offer electronically stamped EUR1 documents for the other preference giving countries. Chile, Mexico and Switzerland have relaxed their rules on having manual signatures on EUR1’s during thecurrent crisis. SGS have amended the settings on their e-z Cert platform for EUR1 applications for Chile, Mexico and Switzerland so that these can now be done as eXpress applications, with overseas customs now accepting electronic signatures.
  • ATR – The Turkish authorities will now accept electronic signatures on ATR certificates and we can process eXpress EC Certificates of Origin applications.
  • Other documents – Exporters can upload any other document on the e-z Cert platform and apply for the document to be certified using the eXpress option.

Please Note: Shropshire Chamber cannot be held responsible for the refusal to accept any electronically stamped documents by overseas customs officials, other authorities, the negotiating bank or the consignee.

Current Embassy Closures

  • Bahrain
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia

Have a question?

If you would like further information or a quote for any of the above documentation then please contact a member of our team on 01952 208220.

Or submit an enquiry and one of our expert trade advisers will be ready to answer any questions related to your international trade documentation and regulations.