Export Services

The Chamber of Commerce Network has over 350 trade documentation specialists on hand to advise businesses on the documents required, saving time, money, and stress.

The accurate completion of export documentation is vital if charges and delays are to be avoided, and shipments are to meet their deadlines. We can help with the below types of export documentation:

The Chamber of Commerce Network is a source for all other export-related documents, such as letters of credit. We also provide ATA carnets, which act as passports for goods, allowing their temporary admission. This reduces red tape and the provision of cash deposits that would otherwise have to be paid.

British Chambers of Commerce in the UK act as issuing bodies and are authorised by:

Practical Advice

Get insight into B2C and B2B distribution channels and practical advice on selecting and establishing agreements with local market agents and distributors.

There are several things that a business looking to trade internationally should be aware of before beginning their global journey. 





Contact us for advice and assistance on international trade by calling 01952 208200.