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Helping our children after COVID-19
How does your brain works
Post Lockdown: I truly believe schools are going to experience an explosion in demand for educational and psychological support in September 2020, because of the cognitive gap in their abilities, BUT I want to assure you that they won't be able to fill the cognitive gap and educational gap. especially those children who did not have the chance to get back to school and those with learning disabilities or difficulties they will be affected the most.

For that reason, I have taken time this week to shot out for Parents and Guardians with our re-opening for Rising Brains. Ltd BrainRx. It’s essential NOW to have your child tested and therefore have them under a highly clinically comprehensive designed cognitive brain training with a personal brain trainer, We are NOW providing a concentrated training programme during July and August 2020. We are targetting children between the ages of 7 to 10 years old.
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We are so passionate about transforming your Child's Brain and changing your life.

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