Video is the fastest, most impactful and cost effective way to communicate – to get your business moving forward – and no-one creates video better than 7video Ltd.
A Passion For Excellence

7video are passionate in their approach to using video as a means of communication and presentation. With that passion comes enjoyment, building a relationship with each client and allowing them to be as involved as they want to be.

Tailoring their advice and technical guidance to the needs of each individual client, 7video ensure that every project is delivered to exceptional standards.
Expertise to Deliver Video Quality Broadcast

The production of broadcast quality programmes is a highly specialised service, because of their team’s background working for broadcast television companies such as the BBC and Channel 4, they are able to provide broadcast quality production to all of their customers.

A professional scriptwriting and full production service is also available to help clients make anything from a thirty second TV advert right up to a full length documentary or short film.
Done in a Day

‘Done in a day’ is a unique service in which video can be shot, edited and delivered to the highest specifications in the space of a single working day. The video is filmed in the morning, edited in the afternoon and delivered in a chosen format by the end of the working day.

For clients holding a training day, conference or event – the event can be filmed and edited ready for delegates to take away with them at the end of the day!
A Cost Effective Lasting Impact

Whichever format is chosen – from a short advert to a broader company overview – video will make an immediate and lasting impact with everyone. 7video offer their expertise and guidance to ensure that projects can be designed and delivered to meet even the most modest of budgets.

They have worked with a diverse array of clients wanting to use video as a cost effective medium for numerous contexts including:

Web Videos: making the most of on line marketing by using web videos to communicate with customers, employees and the general public. Whether it’s for a single event, a series of presentations or a prominent place on a website – an effective video can be a great shop window to the world.

Brochures to Video: 7video bring brochures to life using a combination of existing images and text combined with new filmed footage. This creates a compelling ‘brochure video’ that makes a company stand out from the rest.

Testimonial Videos: short video testimonials by clients are undoubtedly the most credible method of selling company services on a website.

Power Point Films: 7video offers video production specifically for Power Point giving presentations greater impact by using film to demonstrate and emphasise key points.

Training and Inductions: Investing in staff training is essential for every business but video training can be more cost effective. Video training is suitable for many forms of training including Inductions, Health and Safety and Instructional videos to name but a few.

Podcasts: Making the most of online marketing is simple using Podcasts to communicate with customers, employees and website visitors. In using the latest web video software 7video produce high quality video that will reach a target audience in a quick and cost effective way.

Exhibition Videos: From launch parties to annual conferences – 7video can provide an event filming service that enables clients to record and share the day. Once produced, the video can be used again and again. It can also be regularly updated so that it remains fresh and relevant.

Peter Sims: Director
Peter has worked internationally as a Videographer making documentaries in numerous countries. He has developed a real passion for delivering high quality video services, supporting clients with practical, down to earth guidance to ensure they get the most from the very latest technology.
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