Telford College is a one-stop shop for academic, vocational and apprenticeship studies, with a wide-ranging curriculum which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of Shropshire businesses.
The college works in close partnership with the area’s biggest companies, including a growing network of industry mentors – and the benefits are clear to see.
Huge investment in university-standard facilities means the college offers courses which pave the way for careers in more than 70 different industries.
Engineering and construction programmes are helping to tackle a skills shortage, and Telford College has this year launched the first aviation engineering courses of their kind in the Midlands.
A new virtual and augmented reality suite also makes Telford College one of the leading colleges in the country for developing skills in this exciting and dynamic hi-tech sector.
But cutting-edge technology is no good unless students are equipped with the basics, and that’s why it is also proud to see academic results improving year-on-year.
Graham Guest, principal and chief executive, said: “Having been a lecturer myself, I’m acutely aware of the importance of delivering consistently outstanding teaching and learning, and motivating students to be the best they can possibly be.
“And having run my own business too, I’m equally aware of the value of delivering the sort of practical, relevant skills in step with the needs of the local economy.
“There have never been so many opportunities for students, and I am honoured at having the opportunity to lead Telford College’s committed and experienced team during these dynamic and changing times.”


We are delighted to have been named one of the top five colleges in the UK for delivering employability skills this year, based on information collated by the Department for Education.
We also reached the national finals of a competition to find the best apprenticeship provider in the UK for construction training.
Overall achievement rates for our apprentices were up by more than 12% during the last academic year, and continue to run comfortably ahead of the UK average.
And in our 7th Form, students recorded the college’s best-ever set of A Level results, with 100% success rates across a host of subject areas.
Going forward, Telford College is keen to work with local businesses to offer industry placements – a new way to attract and develop talent.
A placement gives each student approximately 45 days of priceless experience in a relevant role with a host employer.
We have also opened up our state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality suite to local businesses, allowing companies to engage and work with technology in new and innovative ways.
You can hold a board meeting in a computer aided virtual environment, immerse your team in a tailored team-building experience, or host a breakfast event which takes networking to a whole new dimension.


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