Telford & Wrekin Council is playing a key part in helping to shape the borough’s economic future which will see it as one of the fastest growing areas in the region.

It is dedicated to improving the prosperity of both the borough and its people by generating more highly skilled, well paid and rewarding jobs. With strong service and manufacturing sectors, some 4,000 firms have located within the borough, the majority of which are small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as 50 internationally recognised organisations, employing 150 people or more.

One of Telford’s major successes has been the high level of overseas investment with over 130 overseas companies employing almost one fifth of the total workforce and recent developments such the Telford International Railfreight Park, a unique public/private partnership to provide this type facility, underlines its commitment to the borough’s economy.

The Council provides economic development support in the areas of inward investment; business support and development (including redundancy support and support and advice for business sectors); business network support; and support for business and leisure tourism.

These services are currently delivered for the Council’s by Transforming Telford but from April 2010, will be directly managed by the Council.

Telford & Wrekin Council spends around £125 million per annum in the region excluding pay.

Major areas of expenditure include the provision of social care services, construction, information technology and transportation.

In addition the authority procures the wide range of goods and services associated with a large complex organisation providing around 700 services to its residents and businesses. These range from office stationery to major one off projects such as the £23 million Borough Towns Initiative to help regenerate centres across the area and the £209 million on-going Building Schools for the Future to transform school and community facilities.

The Council also has a range of land and premises for businesses.

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