Zen Communications is a results-driven strategic public relations and copywriting agency. Shropshire-based, but working with clients both nationally and internationally, it’s home to a team of technically-trained writers with a proven track record of producing strong, distinctive, and creative copy which achieves tangible results. With clients spanning a variety of sectors – from professional services to technical, manufacturing and engineering to construction and property – the agency works with businesses of all sizes, from owner operator start-ups through to global PLCs and FTSE100 companies.

The agency isn’t interested in PR which achieves little or nothing, instead Zen Communications’ philosophy is to create strong, memorable campaigns which deliver significant, measureable, and targeted results. To do this, the team gets under the skin of a client’s business, and works hard to understand what it wants to achieve and who it wants to target. And then the team develops a dynamic strategic public relations plan in place to make it happen. Specialisms include:

Public Relations | well-executed Public Relations is certainly one of the most cost-effective and far-reaching means of communicating with a target audience. Zen Communications has developed strong relationships with core journalists across all media channels, including national broadsheets, regional titles, television and radio, as well as trade publications across industries as diverse as galvanising and gold mining, creams and concrete – valuable relationships that are maintained and nurtured to ensure the best possible PR for clients.

Issues Management and Crisis Management| very few firms actually plan how to handle negative publicity, yet it’s surprising how easily even the strongest reputation can be damaged. Zen Communications has extensive experience of providing issues management and crisis management support on behalf of clients; experience which has been hard earned through over a decade of defending the reputations of businesses across the UK (and beyond) – from international defence organisations to regional housing associations and shopping centres.

Copywriting | words matter. And because the team at Zen are trained grammarians, psycholinguistic and neuro-linguistic programming practitioners, they know exactly which words to choose to create the most powerful psychological and emotional connection with customers. And it’s not all about shouting loudly about what a client do. Great copywriting can whisper and still be heard in a packed room. Many of the agency’s clients work in sensitive areas – whether environmentally, politically, or within society – and the last thing they want is to be seen to be aggressively marketing themselves. So Zen helps to engage with their target audience in a softer way, enthusing them, educating them, and ultimately making them advocates for a particular product, service, or brand.

Editing and Proofreading | grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, or worse still, factual inaccuracies, can have a hugely negative impact on an audience. After all, marketing collateral and corporate literature is often the first insight potential customers may have into a business, so why run the risk of putting them off before you’ve even had the chance to talk to them? Zen Communications provides editing, copyediting and proofreading services across all sectors of business including consumer, technical and academic, and its passion for language and attention to detail can help ensure everything a client produces is second-to-none.

Internal Communications | an internal communications plan can engage employees and turn them all into company spokespeople and champions. Zen Communications is experienced in the production of a full range of internal communications tools and that can help clients motivate, enthuse, and ultimately retain their most precious assets – their people.

Zen Communications supports a wide range of businesses and organisations, from boutique start-ups to multi-nationals. Working with petro-chemical giants like BP and manufacturing masters like Wedge Group Galvanizing, to travel and tourism gurus like Elegant Resorts, educational luminaries like Tettenhall College, business masters like Triangle HR, and Shropshire specialists like Nock Deighton, the firm delivers results locally, nationally, and globally.

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Felicity Wingrove MCIPR| Director

Rhiannon Williams MCIPR | Director

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