1835 GROUP – NEW membership

Who did we create this group for?

The 1835 Group is made up of young people within Shropshire businesses between the ages of 18-35 who are looking to socialise with like-minded contemporaries, further their own knowledge and make a positive impact on the business community of Shropshire.

This group was created in September 2019 to bring together ambitious young people from a wealth of industries, skill sets and backgrounds, helping them to connect, engage and succeed with the Shropshire Chamber.

Why did we create this group?

To help you to shape the future of Shropshire’s business landscape, make lasting connections, gain invaluable insight and strengthen your own skills with the 1835 Group.

What exactly is it?

The benefits of joining:

  • Meeting new people and developing new business opportunities
  • Expanding your network of business contacts across a variety of skill sets and industries
  • Helping to shape the future of Shropshire’s business community
  • Getting inspired by interesting talks and socialising with a great group of people
  • Creating a supportive network to share ideas and knowledge
  • Having your say on what matters to you, your career and your business
  • Broadening your knowledge base and skills through useful programs and presentations, including learning from both your peers and more experienced professionals

How will it be delivered and what is the cost?

We will arrange a minimum of 4 events per year at just £25. JOIN TODAY 


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When and where will the 1835 Group be meeting?


  • February 11
  • May 20
  • July 8
  • October 14
  • December 2

All 1835 Group meeting will generally be after hours from 5 to 7pm at various establishments around Shropshire featuring food, drinks, lively debate, activities, maybe even some live music and many great opportunities to network.

Come and meet interesting and ambitious young people from around Shropshire in a casual environment to eat and sip while socialising, talking business and what’s currently going on in Shropshire and beyond.

Further information:

To find out more details about the 1835 Group and how you can join, please contact

Rachel Owen on 01952 208200 or email: enquiries@shropshire-chamber.co.uk

Chair of this group will be:

Amelia Ebdon – Marketing Manager, Network Telecom


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