Grant Funding

Three Levels of UK Government Funding

Central Government funding programmes are available to all eligible small business owners across the UK. Eligibility for these programmes is dependent upon these businesses being able to meet the programme requirements, such as; having a strong business plan, financial projections etc. Specific eligibility requirements vary by programme. It is important to note that Central Government funding programmes are usually the most competitive, simply due to the fact that applicants are less restricted by geographical location, therefore these programmes are usually harder to attain and usually have longer wait periods when it comes to receiving funding.

Regional Government funding programmes on the other hand, are allocated to small businesses within a specific region in the UK. This means less competition since you are only competing for funding with other businesses located in your region.

Local Government funding is often the most specialized, only eligible business owners within a specific location are able to apply for these funding programmes, within a city, town etc. Although there are usually less local funding programmes available, there is also much less competition for these programmes since they are so location specific.

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