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In 2016 the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) undertook a full procurement exercise to review the scope of the service, to ascertain whether it would be possible to offer a more integrated service and to identify the most suitable partner to deliver these services. As of August 2017 Shropshire Chamber adopted the new BCC national scheme which will provide members with access to a wider range of services and will allow them to derive even more value from their Chamber membership. We are also pleased to confirm that these new and improved services will continue to be provided by our current ChamberHR partners at Quest (formerly Qdos), ensuring a disruption-free transition to the new service provision and very little change in how you access the services.

Members will now have access to four key services;

These services are all underpinned by Chamber Legal Expenses Insurance, which provides cover across 11 different sections up to £100,000 per claim and £1,000,000 in the annual aggregate.

All these services are integrated and delivered directly by Quest. From a member perspective access couldn’t be easier;

Richard Sheehan, CEO of Shropshire Chamber said; “ The Chamber is thrilled to be able to offer this expanded and integrated service which we believe will genuinely protect our members and give them peace of mind in these challenging times. I encourage all members to use these premium quality services.”


In a world turned upside down by Coronavirus there is a lot of uncertainty in the business community. When you are seeking a way out for your business sometimes there seems to be multiple options and it’s hard to know which one to take.

Don’t worry…Quest can offer guidance and support

Compliance is key

All the complexities of flexible furlough and the job retention scheme are effectively added on top of existing employment law, to which compliance is essential.  Having up to date Contracts of Employment and an appropriate Employee Handbook is therefore crucial.   Unfortunately many businesses are trying to restructure their operations

as fast as possible and often not following correct procedure, thereby exposing themselves to the nightmare of employment tribunals, which unsurprisingly are on the increase again.

One2One Review

We can offer you a complimentary One2One Review with a Quest Business Manager. They will take the time to understand the challenges you face, assess your compliance status and suggest solutions on how you can protect your business in these uncertain times. You will receive an honest assessment of your requirements so if the membership service you have access to is enough to support you, that is what they will recommend. If you do need additional or a more personalised service, which may cost extra, the good news is that there are discounts available.

For more information OR to book your One2One Review

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