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Language and Translation Service

Shropshire Chamber offer a full range of language services, from translation and interpreting to multilingual typesetting and language training.

Translations are an important way to promote your company’s products and services, solve communication issues or develop partnerships overseas. They help companies comply with legislation, win new business and create opportunities. It’s easy to see how the quality of a translation can have far reaching effects on finances, health and safety or a business’s credibility. A professional translation is vital for ensuring things run smoothly and communication is clear.

Quality and accuracy

Shropshire Chamber Language Services’ translations are provided by professional linguists, who have qualifications or experience in the subject area concerned. We only work with full time translators, working into their mother tongue, who have been chosen in accordance with strict criteria following a long selection process. This is the best way to guarantee we match the best person possible to your document.

Please contact us on 01952 208200 to be referred to one of our specialists.