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Why are we offering website advertising opportunties to members now?

We want to help create a buzz around the brand new website, previously members would only benefit from being found by other members. With the new website there are many more opportunities for members to promote their business. One of these is advertising on a high traffic website.

How long can I advertise our products and services for??

The initial period is restricted to 6 months, then to be reviewed with your account manager at the Shropshire Chamber.

Will the prices be kept as low as this after the first 6 months?

No. The prices are expected to increase after the first 6 months, as this is a special launch offer. At that point, we can provide you with statistics that prove the benefit of the ads so you can renew your ads if you wish..

Can I advertise across the whole website?

No, we are restricting the adverts to certain sections to allow for more members to advertise.

Will all areas cost the same to advertise within?

No, we have prepared different costs based on expected (and using past years traffic numbers) visitors so that those areas that have the best exposure will cost more to advertise within.e.

Will you be changing the charging structure after the launch period?

Possibly. We will consider going to a CPM model (charging per x amount of click traffic). At launch we wanted to keep the offer as simple as possible, so we are charging for placement only at launch.

Will I have to produce the ads myself?

Yes, and within very specific guidelines. If you are unable to produce good looking ads then we can outsource this for you at extra cost, all you need to provide will be the details.

Can my advert be changed during the initial launch period?

No, once the ad has been approved and published on the website it cannot be changed, except in special circumstances.

Will just my advert be shown?

Yes, for the initial 6 month launch period we will only allow one advert in each space purchased. We reserve the right to add changing adverts at a later stage if demand from members is high enough to justify this.

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