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Shropshire Chamber of Commerce compile economic data from a variety of businesses across the Shropshire region. Members can use this economic data to gain a competitive edge through the latest knowledge the local economy and the wider economic sentiment.  

Our economic data and the data gathered by the wider Chamber Network assist us with formulating policy arguments to raise to Government. This data also provides easy to use commentary on the key economic indicators for businesses and access to economic data compiled by external organisations.

Quarterly Economic Survey

The QES is the largest private sector business outlook survey in the UK and the flagship economic survey of the British Chambers of Commerce. The results from the survey are used to measure the state of business sentiment and monitored by a range of national institutions such as the Bank of England, HM Treasury and independent economists. 

Its results allow the Chamber to accurately represent current operating conditions and business confidence across the region when communicating with local, regional and national decision-makers.

Your opinions and views are very important to us as they help us to better represent you.

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Bank of England Monetary Reports

The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sets monetary policy to keep inflation low and stable, which supports growth and jobs. The 2% inflation target is symmetric and applies at all times.

The MPC recognises that the actual inflation rate will depart from its target as a result of shocks and disturbances, and that attempts to keep inflation at target in these circumstances may cause undesirable volatility in output. The MPC will communicate how and when it intends to return inflation to the target.

The Monetary Policy Report (MPR) is produced quarterly and allows the MPC to share its thinking and explain the reasons for its decisions.

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BCC Economic Forecasts

The national economic data provided by BCC and other surveys provides a strong economic indicator for UK businesses and is an accurate economic forecast.

Quarterly Economic Forecasts: