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The objectives of monetary policy are to keep inflation stable and to support economic growth.

The Bank of England publishes a wide range of economic data throughout the year. Below you will find links to two of the regular publications from the Bank of England.

The Monetary Policy Report and the Money & Credit Report

The Monetary Policy Report is quarterly and explains the decisions taken on interest rates by the Bank’s MPC (Monetary Policy Committee). The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sets monetary policy to keep inflation low and stable, which supports growth and jobs. Subject to maintaining price stability, the MPC is also required to support the Government’s economic policy. 

The Money & Credit Report. A monthly money and credit statistical release made up of three parts: broad money and credit, lending to individuals and lending to businesses. These monthly statistics on the amount of, and interest rates on, borrowing and deposits by households and businesses are used by the Bank’s policy committees to understand economic trends and developments in the UK banking system.

A comprehensive range of Bank of England reports can be accessed through the Publications page on the Bank of England website.

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