Policy and Representation

It’s our objective to ensure that your voice – whatever the size of your business – is heard when city councils and government agencies are formulating policy or consulting the business community.

All businesses are subject to changes in government policies over which they have no control. Our activity ensures Shropshire businesses are represented in policy decisions at all levels of government.

All policy arguments are developed through engagement with members. We do this work so you do not have to.

How we do it

The Quarterly Economic Survey is the country’s biggest and longest running private sector survey. The results are used to influence local, regional and national governments and decision makers and help shape the support structures available to the local business community.

For more information and to see latest QES results, click HERE

Using the Chamber will enable you to:

Our Board

The Shropshire Chamber Board is made up of members from the region’s leading businesses. Along with its sub committees and forums they act for Chamber members to bring forward business issues, debate their impact and agree the necessary actions. They are the voice for and of the members and assist in lobbying activity, debate issues of interest and collaborate with other relevant organisations.