UK Government support measures

Additional Restrictions Grant

What is it?

Local authorities in England will receive one off funding of £1.1 billion to support businesses more broadly over the coming months which they can use this at their discretion. This will be distributed to local authorities on the basis of £20 per head of population.

Am I eligible?

The UK government will provide grant funding to Local Authorities under national and tier 3 restrictions. Local Authorities can determine how much funding to provide to businesses from the ARG funding provided, and exactly which businesses to target.

However, the UK government are encouraging Local Authorities to develop discretionary grant schemes to help those businesses which – while not legally forced to close – are nonetheless severely impacted by the restrictions put in place to control the spread of Covid-19. .

What do I need to do to access it?

Speak to your Local Authority for more details.

Government guidance for Local Authorities can be found here.

Who do I need to speak to?

Speak to your Local Authority for more details.