A Shropshire company, which supplies medical equipment in the UK and around the world, has donated much needed aid to Syria.

A container of humanitarian aid, including donations of urgently needed medical supplies from SP Services, of Hortonwood, Telford, has been sent as part of a UK aid convoy.

The deliveries were made as part of a campaign to alleviate suffering in the historic city of Aleppo destroyed by bombing raids in the long running civil war.

SP Services MD Steve Bray gladly donated a pallet full of medical supplies in response to an appeal from One Nation, a UK charity which has supported the relief effort in Syria with over 30 aid containers.

“Having seen the terrible conditions on the news over the past few months, none of us could imagine being in that situation, it truly is heartbreaking. We are pleased to have again helped out with this small donation of urgently needed medical supplies,” he said today.

He praised One Nation for their efforts to collect and transport desperately needed supplies to the war torn country.

A spokesman for One Nation said the situation on the ground was constantly changing but medical supplies were always needed and in short supply.

The SP Services donation included items that were specifically requested by medics on the ground such as wound dressings, syringes, needles, oxygen masks, tracheal tubes, sterile dressings for burns, sterile gloves and instant heat compresses.

SP Services supply first aid, medical, ambulance and paramedic equipment in the UK and worldwide. They also have a showroom open to the public at their Hortonwood HQ in Telford for companies and individuals to get a full range of medical equipment.

They regularly provide support for major disaster and relief projects across the world.

“Our first aid and healthcare can be found in war zones, disaster areas, refugee camps and in just about any situation where you will find our fellow human beings in need of medical care and humanitarian aid,” said Steve.

“Business is not just about making money on every single order, even though we are clearly a commercial business. We very much believe in providing assistance where we can and for many years, we have donated many pallets of medical supplies to charities and individuals who were providing assistance to refugees in countries such as Syria, Africa and even France.

“We will always continue to assist wherever we can now and in the future,” said Steve, who supplies medical kit to the NHS, healthcare organisations including hospitals and ambulance services, the MOD, police, fire and rescue services, Premiership football clubs and sports clubs.

Staff are on call 24 hours a day throughout the year ready to act quickly in cases of an emergency or disaster.


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