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Shropshire Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce proceeds from this year’s event will be given to the Severn Hospice and Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

Severn Hospice is not part of the NHS. They are an independent charity with two-thirds of their revenue coming from public fundraising.

They care for people who are living with complex and progressive illness, with an aim to sustain the quality of their life and to provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. And because incurable illnesses affect whole families, they offer the same loving support, help and counselling to their families, friends and carers.



They first opened in 1989 after a decade of fundraising in Shropshire and Mid Wales led by Shelia Laws, founder Chairman of the Hospice.

Since opening they have cared for over 16,000 patients (more than the entire population of Oswestry) and approximately 2500 patients each year.

• Their mission is to Care for patients and their families as individuals and strive to meet their unique needs

• Provide appropriate choice to people in where they receive their treatment and care, whether this is in the home, as outpatients, in our day hospices or in our wards

• Provide high quality and timely information about conditions, treatment and the range of services available. Provide high quality, evidence-based clinical services

• Create care environments which are welcoming, attractive and homely

• Provide care which neither hastens nor postpones death but which enables people to end their lives in peace and with dignity

• Support families through bereavement following loss of a loved one

• Nurture and support the skills, contribution and well being of our staff and volunteers as our most valuable resource

• Provide all our services free of charge by raising sufficient income from charitable and non-charitable sources

• Share knowledge and skills with other health care professionals at home and abroad35

To find out more about the Severn Hospice and how you can help visit www.severnhospice.org.uk

Lingen Davies Cancer Fund was founded in 1979 to raise funds to build and equip a new Radiotherapy Department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

For the first time, people with cancer in Shropshire and Mid Wales could receive their treatment and care locally. The charity has contributed £18 million to improve cancer services in the local area and they estimate that around 75,000 people have had their cancer treatment and care improved through the impact of the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

Today they are still raising funds to be able to make a positive difference to lives affected by cancer.

To mark their 40th Anniversary, we have launched our Ruby Appeal which aims to raise £1.25 million by June 2019.

The appeal focuses on three key areas of work supporting people throughout their experience of cancer:

• Improving Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

• Enhancing Cancer Treatment Services

• Supporting People Living Beyond Cancer

They are pleased to announce we have already been able to fund the purchase of an MRI Guided Prostate Biopsy Machine and Colorectal Scope Guides.

If you would like to support the charity to help them reach their target of £1.25 million, please take a look at our website to see how you can get involved – www.lingendavies.co.uk