A Shropshire company is backing British industry by stocking the only washing machine range manufactured in the UK.

Bosses at Digiland in Stafford Park, Telford, say they see multiple benefits to society and the environment as a whole in promoting the new Ebac washing machine, which is hand-built in the north east of England.

Sally Denniss, of Digiland, said: “The manufacturer, Ebac Limited, is part of the Ebac Foundation which guarantees that all profits made are reinvested back into the company to generate growth, and jobs. Furthermore, significant investment is made into the community to sponsor training, education and sport. In addition, the reduction in transportation from local purchasing ensures a maximum environmental gain.”

More than three million washing machines are bought in Britain each year and for almost a decade these were all made abroad before Ebac’s all-British design came onto the market.

Sally Denniss added: “Ebac is a champion of British industry and we are delighted to play our part by stocking and selling their British made washing machines.

The British economy is more than ever of significant importance, as is a healthy British manufacturing industry particularly with the current position surrounding the uncertainty over Brexit.

The Ebac E-Care+ is handmade from the highest quality components following thousands of hours of designing and testing – put quite simply, they are fast, quiet and built to last.

Another big advantage is a UK-based service team and a parts warranty of up to 10 years.

They are easy to use and are available in both cold and hot fill. Most machines are cold fill but the hot fill option means a saving in energy costs whilst cutting time off the wash cycle due to the water not having to be heated by the machine.

Digiland is excited to be selling the Ebac washing machine and have already seen a high level of interest from people in store and online.”

Ebac is famous for inventing and manufacturing products such as dehumidifiers and water coolers. They are recognised as the best of their kind and sold in their millions globally.


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